New Course Description

Mapping and GPX Files

Due to several issues beyond our control the 2022 racecourse has been altered so we are able to work around the issues and present what will be a course that is every bit as challenging as the original.

The maps below show the course for each stage:

Day 1 – Swim 10 KM – consists of 2 X 5 KM loops

Swim Course This has been changed to a looped course starting and finishing in Okanagan Falls on a 2 by 5 KM Loop. This is in response to making the handling of equipment less of a problem as cleaning for Covid is a thing. It also makes planning for the swim a lot easier for the athletes and crews as you will begin and end in the same location Kenyon Park/Christie Beach. Hoodoo Adventures will look after your escort craft and paddler no need to worry about transportation of a watercraft. Be sure to contact Hoodoo Adventures as per the instructions in the Swim Manual. See the Swim Map »

OK Falls location also serves as the finish for the Day 1 Bike.

Day 1 – Bike 145 KM

Bike Course There are no changes to the course but rather a couple of small tweaks as the course starts in Okanagan Falls. The detailed map books from previous years can be used as a guide. Bike south on Highway 97 to Osoyoos, head west on Highway 3 over the Richter Pass to Keremeos, head north to Upper Bench Road, turn right and continue out to the end of Barcelo Road, and then turn back to Hwy 3A (The out and back in Keremeos has been stretched out to make up the difference in distance), turn north to the Kaleden Junction and south to Okanagan Falls, turn left at Cedar St. and finally turning left at 8th Ave to the finish line. See the Day 1 Bike Map »

Day 2 – Bike 275 KM

Bike Course The first 177 KM are the same as the original course. The detailed map books from past years can be used as a guide. Start at Skaha Marina heading south to Okanagan Falls. Turn left on Maple St and head south to Oliver Ranch Rd / Hwy 97 Turn left onto Hwy 97, heading south to Osoyoos, at 92nd Ave turn left to complete the loop to head North back to Okanagan Falls, turn left off Hwy 97 onto Green Lake Rd, this is the road to “The Wall” and to Willowbrook, heading north on White Lake Rd to Twin Lakes Rd, turn left and continue on to Hwy 3A, turn left and head south to Bears Fruit Stand and Turn right onto Bypass Rd. At Hwy 3 head west to Hedley, watch for Old Hedley Road on the right about 5 km past Hedley, turn onto OHR and head toward Bromley Rock, turn around at the designated spot and return to Hwy 3 and back to Keremeos, turn left onto the bypass road to Hwy 3A and follow to Kaleden Junction, Okanagan Falls and the finish at Kenyon Park in Okanagan Falls. See the Day 2 Bike Map »

Day 3 – Run 84 KM – consists of 3 X 28 KM Loops

Run Course Starting at Kenyon Park (Okanagan Falls) Cedar Street to 7th Ave. turn south along Maple Street/Oliver Ranch Road, turn right onto Sun Valley Way returning to Oliver Ranch Road, head north to Allendale Road, turn right for a 1.8 km out (7.2 km,35.2 km,63.2 km) and back section returning to ORR, turning north to McLean Creek Road, head east up MCR to Allendale Lake Road, turn right for a 1.6 KM (to cattleguard)(16.1 km, 44.1 km, 72.1 km) and return to MCR Continue north to Eastside Road and turn left (23.3 km, 51.3 km, 79.3 km)., head south back to OK Falls and Kenyon Park (start, 28 km, 56 km, 84 km). Kenyon Park is the finish after the 3rd loop. See the Run Map »

GPX Files

We do apologize for not having new GPX files available for all the courses. With the number of changes, we simply have not had the time to produce them. We will provide you with a detailed route description for use by the crews during the event for navigation purposes. The guide will contain elevation information. If we can produce more information, we will release it if and when it becomes available.


We have moved most of the event to begin and end each day in Okanagan Falls, ending the need to double book accommodation in Princeton for the end of Day 2. All accommodation bookings can be in Penticton or Okanagan Falls for your convenience.