Championship Slots Available

Several of the Independent Ultra Triathlon races have agreed with each other to recognize the other events’ Champions both Male & Female by making available at least 1 slot per gender for the Champions of other races at no charge for the following years event.

It is our hope that this may lead to a true World Championship in the future that would feature Champions from all events. If you are a Top 3 Finisher at one of the other Independent Events then you are eligible to be part of this inaugural offering recognizing your accomplishment.

Qualifying Athletes

1)  The Top 3 Male and Female athlete at any of the independent races in the current calendar year

2)  The athlete must send an email to the event of their choice (Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Spain, United Kingdom) to express an interest in being considered for one of the eligible spots

3)  Spots must be used in the year following the qualifying year

4)  The race chosen must be a race other than the race at which the athlete qualified

5)  Athletes must submit any application or administrative paperwork to the event as directed by the chosen event in a timely manner.

Event Responsibilities

1)  Each Event will govern the specifics for the spaces they make available and at their discretion may extend the period of use, award more slots, levy additional costs if applicable or award additional items in conjunction with the slot awarded.

2)  Ultra520K Canada will hold a draw for their Male and Female slot in the first week of January to award the slot from the applications received from qualified athletes.

3)  The Free Entries are for entry fees only and the athlete is responsible for all other costs including transportation, accommodation, food and all miscellaneous costs associated with the race or racing.