This is an Invitation Only event. Applications will be accepted up to and including May 1st of the event year. Organizers will select
and invite 30(thirty) athletes on a first come, first served basis as the applications are received (don’t delay) and if otherwise qualified.
Additional slots up to a total of 35 (Thirty-five) may be considered if demand and circumstances warrant.

Application Process – 2018 Final Year

Due to what has become an unexpected and overwhelming interest in the final event for Ultra520K Canada, we are opening the Application Process immediately in an effort to manage the demand and hopefully get as many athletes to complete the event either in 2017 or 2018. It appears at this time that 2018 is likely to sell out and we will need to direct some applicants to 2017 if they are to take on the challenge of Ultra520K Canada. With that in mind please read the rest of the Application Kit and then submit your Application as soon as possible.
There are still lots of spaces available for 2017. There is no guarantee of an available space in 2018.

The ULTRA520K CANADA 2017 Application Information Kit and 2018 Application Information Kit will contain all the information necessary to apply for an invitation to participate in this unique event. Please note: to receive notification of application you must join one of the social media groups Facebook or Twitter.


If you have additional questions about registration and acceptance after reviewing the Application Information Kit,
please email info@ultra520kcanada.com.


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