2009 Records & Results

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Athlete Age Sex Country Swim
10 km
* Bike
144.8 km
* Total
Day 1
273.5 km
* Total Day
1 + 2
84.3 km
* Overall
512.6 km
* Overall
Benat Zubillaga 29 M Spain 3:28:35 4:50:02 8:18:37 9:16:45 17:35:22 6:44:06 * 24:19:28 1
Milton Augusto De Sousa 35 M Brazil 3:02:15 4:52:08 7:54:23 9:08:58 17:03:21 7:45:30 24:48:51 2
Josef Ajram 31 M Spain 3:11:16 4:35:43 7:46:59 8:54:15 16:41:14 8:21:50 25:03:04 3
Amber Monforte 31 F USA 2:52:39 4:58:35 * 7:51:14 9:14:22 * 17:05:36 8:31:13 * 25:36:49 * 4
Scott Beasley 47 M USA 3:14:40 5:02:46 8:17:26 9:25:28 17:42:54 8:12:35 25:55:29 5
Fernando Godino Crespo 33 M Spain 3:30:38 5:22:47 9:56:41 18:50:06 15:19:28 7:49:47 26:39:53 6
Barbi Brochu 33 F Canada 2:42:41 * 5:05:40 7:48:21 9:49:31 17:37:52 9:38:08 27:16:00 7
Andi Ramer 36 F USA 3:04:29 5:25:59 8:30:28 10:11:07 18:41:35 10:02:12 28:43:47 8
Shanna Armstrong 34 F USA 2:47:11 5:43:44 8:30:55 10:16:56 18:47:51 10:20:10 29:08:01 9
Wolfgang Schmidt 48 M Canada 3:50:18 5:30:54 9:21:12 9:49:36 19:10:48 10:00:28 29:11:16 10
Simon Bourne 45 M United Kingdom 4:00:49 5:33:07 9:33:56 9:55:39 19:29:35 10:07:18 29:36:53 11
Jeff Geoghagan 39 M USA 5:21:54 5:53:09 11:15:03 9:58:06 21:13:09 8:28:03 29:41:12 12
Giorgio Alessi 44 M Italy 4:33:26 5:23:29 9:56:55 9:47:59 19:44:54 10:20:10 30:05:04 13
Jason Lester 35 M USA 4:43:17 5:53:13 10:36:30 10:45:41 21:22:11 9:26:14 30:48:25 14
Beth Brewster 39 F USA 3:37:04 5:48:02 9:25:06 10:17:15 19:42:21 11:46:22 31:28:43 15
Todd Crandell 42 M USA 3:49:55 6:40:16 10:30:11 11:12:45 21:42:56 11:09:31 32:52:27 16
Jason Sissel 33 M USA 4:20:07 7:14:24 11:34:31 11:32:31 23:07:02 11:56:35 35:03:37 17
Anuradha Vaidyanathan 29 F India 4:22:51 7:21:08 11:43:59 11:42:37 23:26:36 11:47:22 35:13:58 18
John Callos 47 M USA 4:17:05 7:24:03 11:41:08 11:47:16 23:28:24 11:49:46 35:18:10 19
Paddy McGuire 48 M Canada 3:43:15 7:12:25 10:55:40 11:12:41 22:08:21 DNF DNF DNF
Gonzalo Sanchez Martin-Moreno 27 M Spain 4:22:51 7:24:25 11:47:16 12:12:02 DNF 11:43:20 DNF DNF
Sarah Nason 29 F United Kingdom 4:32:58 6:25:04 10:58:02 DNF DNF 9:36:22 DNF DNF
Connie Hearty 52 F Canada 3:53:20 7:47:34 11:40:54 DNF DNF DNF DNF DNF
Harvey Thorleifson 52 M USA 5:12:53 DNF DNF DNF DNF DNF DNF DNF
Peach City Runners
Ellis Andrews
(M/64), (Swim/Run)
Brian Schroederr
(M/54), (Bike)
Canada 3:47:25 4:29:07 * 8:16:32 8:16:32 * 17:05:35 10:41:03 27:46:38 1
Team South Delta Tri Hards
Gary Mitchell
(M/42), (Swim/Bike)
Gord Mathews
(M/46), (Bike)
Alison McManus
(F/41), (Run)
Canada 3:52:03 7:35:37 11:27:40 11:57:09 23:24:49 9:42:43 * 33:07:32 2
Dog Tired
Vincent Denis
(M/42), (Swim/Bike)
Jennifer Huffman-Swift
(F/40), (Run)
Canada 3:45:50 7:02:50 10:48:40 10:52:52 21:41:32 11:42:22 33:23:54

*= New Record
O = Over Cut Off

Ultraman Canada Day 1 Race Report

The first day of Ultraman Canada started off with near ideal conditions for the 10km swim in Skaha Lake. With no wind and flat waters it was no surprise that a course record was set. What may have been a surprise was that four women finished before the previous record time and that the four of the first five swimmers out of the lake were women. Canadian Barbi Brochu set a new women’s course record with a 2:42:41. She was followed by Amber Montforte of Reno, NV (2:52:39), Shanna Armstrong of Lubbock, TX (2:47:11) and Andi Ramer of San Diego, CA (3:04:29). The lone male to break into the top five was Milton De Sousa of Brazil whose 3:02:15 put him in fourth place on the swim.

After leaving the beautiful conditions of Skaha Lake in their wake, the athletes set out on a 144.8km bike following most of the Ironman Canada course before finishing at Christie Beach in Okanagan Falls. The conditions on the bike were not quite as kind to the riders with heat playing a major factor. There were many areas where there was no wind which made the temperatures rise and the nutrition plans of athletes tested. Josef Ajram of Spain who likes the heat, posted the fastest individual male bike time of the day and finished first overall with a total time of 7:46:59. The women continued to shine in the sun with Barbi Brochu holding onto second overall with a total time of 7:48:21—less than two minutes behind Ajram. Amber Montforte set the women’s course record for the day one bike section with a 4:58:35 clocking keeping her in third place overall with a total time of 7:51:14.

In the relay division, Team Dog Tired’s Vincent Denis posted the fastest swim of the day with a 3:47:25. However, Team Peach City Runner’s cyclist Brian Schroeder had the fastest bike split of the day with a 4:29:07 for a 8:16:32 to move them into first in the relay division followed by Team Dog Tired (10:48:40) and Team SS Tri Hards (11:27:40).

All but one of the 27 athletes that started the day were able to finish in the 12 hour time limit. Harvey Thorleifson of Minneapolis, MN withdrew from the race during the bike portion due to issues with the heat.

Tomorrow’s 273.5km bike ride from Penticton to Princeton promises to further challenge the athletes with heat, traffic and wind. Many will need to dig deeper into their inner resources than ever before in order to reach the finish line at Princeton Arena by the 6pm cutoff.

Ultraman Canada Day 2 Race Report

The Day 2 273.4km bike course of the Ultraman Canada race had heat in many forms. The weather was hot, smoky and windy. The competition was blazing!

Brian Schroeder of Team Peach City Runners burnt up the course with the fastest time of the day at 8:49:03 to keep the team firmly in the lead of the relay division. Overall individual leader Josef Ajram had a blistering time of 8:54:15 for a total time of 16:41:14 to remain in first over Milton De Sousa of Brazil who had a bike time of 9:08:58 for a total time of 17:03:21.

In the hotly contested women’s race, Amber Montforte of Reno, NV set a new women’s record for this portion of the bike course with a time of 9:14:22 to move her into first place over Barbi Brochu from Ontairo, Canada who rode a 9:49:31. Montforte goes into tomorrow’s 84.4km run with a total time of 17:05:36 to Brochu’s 17:37:52.

The race continues tomorrow with the athletes traversing the Princeton to Summerland Hwy. They will finish the Ultraman Canada event at Memorial Park in Summerland with the first finishers expected around 1pm.

Ultraman Canada Day 3 Race Report and Final Results

After 2 days of scorching conditions, the weather decided to play nice and provide the runners with near perfect conditions for the 84.4km run, the final stage of the three day event.

With the largest field ever in Ultraman Canada toeing the start line, there was great competition in all divisions. Benat Zubillaga of Spain was a man on a mission. Zubillaga blazed through the course in 6:44:06 to break the previous record of 6:55:44 held by Darin Bentley. His amazing run moved him into the overall Champion spot with a total time of 24:19:28. Milton De Sousa of Brazil who was second going into the run retained that spot with a run time of 7:45:30 bringing his three day total to 24:48:51. Josef Ajram of Spain who was leading going into the run held on strong with a 8:21:50 run to give him a total time of 25:03:04 and keep him in third place.

In the extremely competitive women’s division, Amber Monforte of Reno, NV held onto the first place position by posting a record crushing time of 8:31:13 to give her a total time of 25:36:49 to set a new women’s overall course record by 3 ½ hours. The record was previously held by Tracy Preston at 29:31:44. Barbi Brochu of London, ON held steady in the run posting a time of 9:38:08 to put her in second place overall with a total time of 27:16:00. Andi Ramer of San Diego finished in third overall by running a time of 10:02:12 for a total of 28:43:47.

The relay division was dominated by Team Peach City Runners. Ellis Andrews of Penticton, BC ran a 10:41:03 to give the team a total time of 27:46:38. Ellis was partnered with Brian Schroeder, also of Penticton, who rode the fastest bike times of the weekend. Alison McManus ran Team SS Tri Hards into second place with a run split of 9:42:43 for a 3 day total of 33:07:32 just 16 minutes of Team Dog Tired. Jennifer Huffman-Swift of Team Dog Tired ran a 11:42:22 for a total time of 33:23:54.

Overall , there were 19 official individual finishers, the most ever in Ultraman Canada history. Anuradha Vaidyanathan of India was the first ever Ultraman Canada finisher from India.

The event finished at Memorial Park with athletes, crew and staff enjoying a finish line picnic, fellowship, and talk of next year’s event. For more information about Ultraman Canada, visit www.ultramancanada.com or contact Steve Brown at Peach City Runners 250-490-3334.